My neighbour’s dog barks all day

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This month Bill L. from Edmonton writes: “My neighbour’s dog barks all day. I work night shift and can never rest with the constant noise. How should I handle this situation?”

Great question, Bill, and sorry to hear that your neighbour’s barking dog has become disruptive.   

The first step is to have a conversation with your neighbour– they may not even be aware that their dog is causing a disturbance. Approach the situation with respect and find a convenient time to knock on their door – e.g., not when are angry and at your wits end. Give your neighbour time to affect changes and make sure to thank them if the situation improves.

If your neighbour is unwilling to cooperate or if the disruption continues, please report it in writing, to your Property Manager. When we receive a complaint regarding barking, we are obligated to investigate and take action by contacting the pet owner to remind them that they must take the necessary steps to ensure their pet does not disturb others.

Taking up residence in a multi-residential building means that you become part of a very close community. Sharing common areas necessitates consideration for the needs and comforts of everyone else in that community and pet owners have added responsibilities to ensure that our community is a pleasant place to live. We ask pet owners to:

  • Clean up after pet.
  • Ensure any pet waste or “accidents” in common areas are cleaned up and removed from the grounds in a bag and disposed of properly.
  • Always keep pets on a leash in all common areas of the community. Cats should not be allowed to roam the corridor.

Thanks for writing in, Bill.

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