Celebrating World Holidays This Month

As we usher in the festive month of December, let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich tapestry of celebrations that bring us together.

From December 7th-15th, those who observe Hanukkah light the menorah for this Festival of Lights, commemorating the miracle of oil that burned for eight days. Delicious fried foods like latkes and jelly doughnuts grace their tables, and gifts are exchanged, especially on the sixth night.

On December 25th, we celebrate Christmas, honouring the birth of Jesus Christ. This tradition, which began in Germany in the 16th century, now sees us decorating Christmas trees and eagerly awaiting Santa Claus, who is believed in by 85% of children today and brings them gifts. Christmas Eve is a time for family gatherings, good food, and the joy of unwrapping presents the next morning.

Finally, from December 26th to January 1st, we observe Kwanzaa, a celebration of African-American heritage and culture. Each day is dedicated to one of the seven core principles, or “the Nquzo Saba”. The lighting of the Kinara, feasting on foods of the African diaspora, and the pouring of libations into the unity cup are some of the cherished traditions.

This holiday season, let’s cherish our diverse traditions. Wishing everyone joy, love, and happiness. Happy Holidays!