Does this person live here?

Welcome to ‘Resident’s Corner’ – a monthly Q & A column where we share the answers to your frequently asked questions.

This month, Helen H. from Calgary writes: “There was a guy trying to squeeze in behind me as I was entering the main door of my building. He didn’t buzz or use a key. Can you offer any safety guidelines for this type of situation?”

Thanks for writing to us, Helen. Security is a partnership between GWL Realty Advisors Residential and the residents of this community. Everyone’s participation makes for a safe and secure community. We ask that residents participate in this initiative by being alert and adhering to the following security tips:

  • Never hold any entrance door to the building open for strangers when you are entering or leaving the property. Tell them to buzz the person they are visiting or to contact the resident service centre. 
  • Never use the enterphone system to let in a stranger, including people who say, “parcel delivery”, “I forgot my key”, or “paper boy”. Always ask who is there PRIOR to pressing 9 even if you are expecting a visitor to be sure that you are giving access to the correct person. Unless you know them personally, please do not give them access.
  • Never leave valuables or car keys in your vehicle and especially not visible. Ensure that your vehicle door is always locked. Car break-ins are usually crimes of opportunity.  Unlocked vehicles and vehicles with personal belongings are highly attractive to thieves and greatly increase the chances of your vehicle being targeted.
  • If you lose your key fob, please report it to the Resident Service Centre at 1-833-330-7030 right away.

This will allow us to deactivate the fob and prevent unauthorized access to the building.

We ask all residents to be aware of their surroundings. Active participation in reporting suspicious or criminal activity will make our multi-residential living a safer environment for you and helps reduce the opportunity for crime.

If you notice concerning or suspicious activity, please contact1-833-330-7030 and/or the police by dialing 911.

Please refrain from confronting individuals personally as such confrontation has the possibility to create unsafe situations involving angry individuals.

If you a question or issue you would like to share, send it to and we’ll do our best to address it here.