Freshen Up Your Space: Spring Decor Ideas

As the winter melts away, the arrival of spring brings renewed energy and the perfect opportunity to refresh your apartment space. It’s time to transition to a more vibrant decor to match the blossoming outdoors and the warmth of the sun.

Take advantage of the longer days and natural light that spring offers. Get rid of the dark, blackout curtains for light, airy ones that allow sunlight to filter through, instantly making your space feel bigger.

Nothing says Spring like fresh flowers and plants. Abstract and colourful vases are the vibe of this season as they immediately bring a sense of happiness to your space. Gather some fresh tulips or peonies for a burst of colour and fragrance. Implementing smaller plants, succulents or a small herb garden can also add life to your space and improve air quality.

Time to swap out your heavy winter bedding for light materials like cotton and linen. They are breathable and keep you cool at night as it starts to warm up. Choosing pastel colours or floral patterns can also add a spring-like feel to your bedroom.

If you have never heard of sun catchers, you are missing out on something magical! They are enchanting decorative pieces that reflect light creating mesmerising patterns of light and colour. Often made with stained glass, crystal or even metal can be hung by your window to create a vibrant and dynamic environment. This can definitely add an element of surprise to an otherwise ordinary space.

Embracing spring decor is all about lightening up your space. It can transform your apartment into a refreshing, rejuvenating haven that mirrors the beauty and energy of the season.