Hidden treasures waiting to be discovered in the heart of Calgary!

Calgary, a city known for its stunning landscapes and world-famous Calgary Stampede, is brimming with hidden gems that even some locals might not know about. Beyond the bustling downtown and iconic landmarks, lies a treasure trove of lesser-known attractions waiting to be explored.

Here are some hidden gems you need to check out:

Reader Rock Garden

Tucked away near the Stampede Grounds, Reader Rock Garden is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This historic garden features winding pathways, tranquil ponds, and an array of beautiful flowers, making it the perfect spot for readers. Although, you can also enjoy a peaceful stroll along the path.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Calling all bird watchers! if you have not yet visited The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre, now’s the time! This conservation park has been offering migratory birds a sanctuary to rest their wings since 1929, contributing to over 80 years of conservation efforts! So far, visitors, volunteers, and staff have documented 270 bird species, 21 mammal species, and 347 plant species at the Sanctuary and Nature Centre.

Central Library

You might be wondering how a library made it to this list, well, this is not your ordinary library. The Calgary Central Library is an architectural masterpiece that offers an oasis in the city for photography enthusiasts. Check it out!

Bowden Sunmaze

Sunflower season is coming! This is an amazing experience for content creators and great for families alike. Enjoy the tranquillity and embark on an adventure through the beautiful Sunmaze. The farm is open from mid-July to September, and you can even pick your own sunflowers.

Elbow Falls Loop

An hour west of Calgary lies the breathtaking Elbow Falls Loop. This scenic route offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure and tranquillity, making it a must-visit for nature lovers. Through this short hike, you will discover the famous Elbow Falls!