HomeHelpr: Bringing Convenience to Your Doorstep

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with HomeHelpr at all our Toronto properties, an easy-to-use service booking experience that will change the way our residents manage their time so they can focus on what matters most.

Examples of the services HomeHelpr provides are listed below. All services are available with on-demand customer service.

  • Car clean and detailing
  • Mobile Oil change
  • Suite cleaning
  • Mobile hairdressing
  • Dog walking
  • Mobile massage
  • Onsite swimming lessons (if applicable)

Please visit www.homehelpr.com for more information.

HomeHelpr is currently available at all our Toronto communities with further expansion planned in the future to include all our communities. We have already received excellent reviews from residents who tried the HomeHelpr. Below is a testimonial from Brandon, a resident at The Livmore High Park in Toronto, who recently booked HomeHelpr’s massage services:

“We recently used HomeHelpr to book a prenatal massage for my wife. The online process was simple, and the support was exceptional in making sure we were prepared. The massage therapist was fantastic. The session was very relaxing and relieving, and she was bright and positive throughout. We will definitely repeat in the future”

If you are a resident in one of our properties in Toronto, we encourage you to visit www.homehelpr.org to learn more, sign up and redeem a limited time offer, for residents of GWL Realty Advisors Residential, of 10% off your first service.

Did you know: many of our properties offer onsite above-ground parking for completing your HomeHelpr car service? Check with the Resident Service Centre in your community or email info@homehelpr.org to learn more!

HomeHelpr Onsite Oil Change

  • Regularly scheduled motor oil changes increase the life of your engine, increase your fuel economy, and keep the moving parts of your engine running smoothly. Motor oil also reduces your engine temperature. The best part is that our certified technicians can keep your car running smoothly and they will come to you!
  • They take care of properly disposing of the spent oil and can complete the oil change just about anywhere your car might be – on your property, in a parking lot or even on the street!

HomeHelpr Onsite Car Detailing

  • HomeHelpr provides a professional car detailing experience that will make your car feel like it is brand new. With multiple cleaning options to choose from (General Cleans or Deep Cleans depending on your car size / type), your car will be transformed to its original glory quickly.

*Please check with the Resident Service Centre in your community for onsite parking for HomeHelpr car services.

Does GWL Realty Advisors Residential benefit financially from this partnership?
No. The only benefit is that we know that we have brought a service provider into our communities that will bring vetted, local, and high-quality professionals to your doorstep to take care of those chores or tasks so you or someone you care about can focus on the important things in life.