Introducing Residents’ Corner

Our new monthly Q & A column where we share the answers to your frequently asked questions.

This month, Mary P. from Edmonton writes: “My husband and I are planning to winter in Florida next year, and wondered if we could sublet our apartment while we’re away?  With costs going up we could certainly benefit from the having our rent covered.”

Great question Mary.  We often hear from residents asking about subletting their unit or listing it on AirBnB so let’s cover off both questions:

Subletting: Residents have the option to sublet their apartment provided they let us know in writing the duration and names of people staying in their home while they are away.

AirBnB: Listing your unit on AirBnB is not permitted and doing so is a breach of your leasing agreement. The reasons are simple and come down to security and liability issues as well as many municipal by-laws that prohibit the short-term rental practice in residential-zoned buildings.

Assignment:  A less common request is when a resident needs to end their lease early because of job relocation or another life event and would like to transfer the remaining term of their lease to a new resident.  These types of arrangements can be made but it’s best to check with your property manager about details including your obligations in finding a suitable prospect to take over your lease.

Thanks, Mary, for the question and enjoy your time in Florida!

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