How do I submit a maintenance request?

Welcome to ‘Resident’s Corner’ – a monthly Q & A column where we share the answers to your frequently asked questions.

This month, Glen S. From Halifax asks us “How do I submit a maintenance request?” 

Hi Glen, Thanks for the question. while there are several ways to submit a maintenance request, we highly recommend that you use our Resident Portal to submit your request digitally for an expedited response. If you have yet to sign up for this service, check out our video tutorial series for step-by-step instructions on registering for the Resident Portal, submitting a maintenance request or paying your rent online! (link)

You can also check out our How-To video series on the Life Up Here website at for help with common issues such as dealing with a clogged kitchen sink  

We endeavour to ensure all maintenance requests be attended to by our management site staff within 24-48 business hours. Should a contractor or special ordered parts be required to complete the repair, we will advise you of the expected timeframe required to compete the work.

If you a question or issue you would like to share, send it to and we’ll do our best to address it here.