My neighbour is making too much noise

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This month Christine M. from Brampton writes “My neighbours who live directly above me have kids who run, thud, shout, and generally make a great deal of noise. I’m finding it nerve racking and irritating, especially when working from home. What can I do about it? Should I report it to property management?”

This is a great question, Christine. It can be tricky to find a suitable approach to any issue involving the children of others. 

While a certain amount of “normal” building noise is to be expected when living in a multi-residential community such as ours, residents should be cognisant of how disturbances beyond an acceptable level may affect their neighbours. Whether inside their home or entertaining on their balcony, we always ask that our residents be respectful of each other.

In this instance, try speaking with your neighbour, there’s a chance they don’t realize how much noise their kids are making – most people will try to limit noises when brought to their attention. A good way to initiate this conversation is to ask them if they are disturbed by any sounds coming from your apartment, and than see if, similarly, they can do something on their end to soften the noises coming from their kids. People respond better when it is a collaboration instead of a demand.

If your neighbour’s suite has hardwood or parquet floors, we encourage them to place carpets to suppress sounds that may be travelling down to you. 

Approach the situation with respect and compassion and find a convenient time to knock on their door – don’t approach your neighbour when you are angry and at your wits end. Give your neighbour time to affect changes and make sure to thank them if the situation improves.

If your situation does not improve, please report it in writing, to your property manager and we will gladly investigate.

Thanks for asking this question, Christine. 

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