Do I need renter’s insurance?

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This month, Rebecca E. from Ottawa asks: “Do I need renter’s insurance?

Great Question, Rebecca, this is a common one, so let us explain:

The apartment building insurance policy already in place applies solely to the structure itself, it does not cover damages to your unit or loss of your personal possessions. As a resident, you are responsible for maintaining your own renter’s insurance which will help pay for damages and the replacement of personal possessions arising from theft, fire, water damage, and other insured occurrences.

Renter’s insurance will also protect you if an individual is injured while in your unit or if a neighbour’s property is damaged because of your negligence. Renter negligence is the number one cause of damage to apartment units, with some of the most common incidents occurring from water damage, cooking fires, or smoke damage.

We can’t always predict when a disaster will strike or what unfortunate event will occur, but a renter’s insurance policy will provide you with valuable peace-of-mind. For more information about insurance obligations, you may refer to section 26 of your Lease Agreement.

Thanks for the question, Rebecca, I hope you find this information helpful. 

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