This month, Haruki T. from Vancouver writes: I’ve noticed that not all of my neighbours are as diligent about security as they could be and I think we could do a better job. Could you provide some tips on how we can work together to maintain a safe community?

Smoking etiquette

This month Tina T. from Calgary writes “I’ve noticed a faint scent of cigarette smoke in my suite and the common areas of our building recently. I was surprised because I thought residential buildings were smoke-free. I respect everyone’s lifestyle choices and the rights that all residents have in our community, but as a newcomer who doesn’t smoke, I’d like to understand our building’s smoking policy better.”

Balcony etiquette

This month Liam R. from Toronto writes “I've recently moved into a suite with a great balcony. I can’t wait to use it but want to be clear on the rules. Can you please point me to a list of  do's and don'ts so I can get the most of my outdoor space while being considerate of my neighbours?

My neighbour’s dog barks all day

This month Bill L. from Edmonton writes: “My neighbour’s dog barks all day. I work night shift and can never rest with the constant noise. How should I handle this situation?”

Does this person live here?

This month, Helen H. from Calgary writes: “There was a guy trying to squeeze in behind me as I was entering the main door of my building. He didn’t buzz or use a key. Can you offer any safety guidelines for this type of situation?”

Do I need renter’s insurance?

This month, Rebecca E. from Ottawa asks: “Do I need renter’s insurance?”

How do I submit a maintenance request?

This month, Glen S. From Halifax asks us “How do I submit a maintenance request?”

My neighbour is making too much noise

This month Christine M. from Brampton writes “My neighbours who live directly above me have kids who run, thud, shout, and generally make a great deal of noise. I’m finding it nerve racking and irritating, especially when working from home. What can I do about it? Should I report it to property management?”