Secrets of the West Coast: Vancouver’s Hidden Gems

While others are visiting highly overrated spots in Vancouver, you’re peacefully enjoying the hidden gems of what Vancouver has to offer to only those who know, without the hassle and bustle of the busy city routine!

A trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge or the Vancouver lookout is a must, but what about experiencing the beauty of a calm sea while swinging on a beach swing? You can find this secret spot located West of Kitsilano Beach where you can swing away all your problems! It’s best to visit the beach at low or mid-tide if you don’t want to get your feet wet.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Well what about the best sunset spot?’, and I’m pretty sure you have never heard of this magical spot. Calling all sunset lovers, we’re heading to the Secret Horseshoe Bay sunset platform. Located not far from Vancouver, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy what mother nature has to offer away from all the city noise. It does get pretty busy in the spring/summer evenings so prepare to get there early to secure a spot!

If you like a good Instagram story, you can’t miss this place when visiting Vancouver! The Alley Oop is a fun alley with pink and yellow colours all over the wall and road. Located in downtown Vancouver and accessible by public transport, this is your sign to show your sporty side while it’s giving summer vibes. Bring your b-ball along and shoot some hoops!

Cypress Falls Park is the dream park for both hardcore hikers and novice hikers. The park is a 10-minute drive from Downtown Vancouver where you will find a three-kilometre-long trail that leads into the mesmerizing world of old red cedar trees and Douglas Firs. At the end of your hiking journey, you may discover two secret waterfalls located in the park, providing a refreshing end to your adventure!

Are you a fan of tree climbing? The Cambie Tree Climbing is the place for you! The century-old evergreen tree provides the support of its smoothed-out branches to allow you to get that Twilight feeling of enjoying a spectacular view of Burnaby and the mountains up in the tree! BUT the location is secret, as you must find it to climb it. The tree is somewhere between Queen Elizabeth Park and Cambie Corridor in the city of Vancouver. Get searching!

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