Smoking etiquette

This month Tina T. from Calgary writes “I’ve noticed a faint scent of cigarette smoke in my suite and the common areas of our building recently. I was surprised because I thought residential buildings were smoke-free. I respect everyone’s lifestyle choices and the rights that all residents have in our community, but as a newcomer who doesn’t smoke, I’d like to understand our building’s smoking policy better.”

Hi Tina,  thanks for your question. Smoking is not permitted in any of our our buildings. In your case, your building is known as a “legacy” building, meaning it’s been around for a while and it follows policies from the past, which are referred to as “grandfathered” policies. The grandfathered smoking policy allows long-term residents who were already smoking when smoking was permitted, to contine to smoke in designated areas including their individual unit and balcony.

That said, the health and comfort of all our residents is our top priority and we strive to maintain the delicate balance of honouring individual rights and collectively progressing towards a healthy living environment. We kindly remind all residents to be considerate and make every effort to mitigate the impact their smoking may have on other community members.  

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